How To Unlock Any iPhone 4 Device – No Matter What Firmware It’s Running On!

Looking for Unlock iPhone 4 tools so you can easily, safely and quickly unlock your iPhone so you can enjoy your device to it’s fullest?

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of A Successful That You Get:

  1. Freedom To Choose. Owners can now choose the best data usage and call plans between networks that will best suit their budget.
  2. More app choices. Before the SIM restrictions can be removed, the DRM limitations must likewise be removed. Without the DRM restrictions, users can download and install useful and practical apps that are not offered on the App store.
  3. Use the device abroad. Carrier rates for roaming are unbelievably high. Those who travel abroad frequently can now use their mobile devices with local prepaid SIM kits and be charged at a much lower rate.

It must be noted though that although most tools have been improved, some software’s still have a few issues and problems. Although, most of these issues and problems have corresponding fixes, it may require a bit of tech savvy to apply the corrections.

A newbie who plans to use iPhone 4 unlock 4.1 tools for the first time should avoid these kind of programs to avoid any hassle or any damage to your iDevice.

If one still remains unsure about the iPhone 4 unlock 4.1 software that he plans on using, it would be best for him to seek the assistance and services of expert developers. Luckily, we’ve done the research for you, making it absolutely easy to find, select and download the best tools available.

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As long as carrier try and set limits the devices, owners will continue to seek out softwares to give themselves the ability to use the device whichever way they see fit.

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How To Unlock iPhone 4 4.2.1 Safely

Want to know how to Unlock iPhone 4 4.2.1 Safely? Are you satisfied with the services presently offered by your iPhone’s network provider? If you aren’t, then maybe it’s about time your remove the network block Apple has placed on your phone. You don’t have to go to a technician to have your phone unlocked. Just go to your preferred search engine and type in Unlock iPhone 4 4.2.1 and you’ll be able to find many tutorials about unlocking your phone. Unlocking an iPhone is very easy but you will need to jailbreak your phone first.

What happens when you jailbreak and unlock your phone?

When you jailbreak your phone, you break the limits that Apple has placed on your phone. The jailbreak program you use will install Cydia, an unofficial app installer, on your phone. Cydia will open up your phone to new possibilities. There are unofficial apps for just about anything. Amazing tweaks, addicting games, practical apps, you can get all of these and so much more.

When you unlock your phone, you will be removing the network block on your phone. You can easily download an app from Cydia to unlock your phone and it’s very affordable too.

Is unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone legal?

While the terms unlocking and jailbreaking may sound illegal, it isn’t. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the U.S. has already clarified that it is legal. Even Apple has confirmed it, although they also said that it will void your phone’s warranty. Jailbreaking and unlocking your phone is actually safe, but Apple doesn’t encourage it. That’s because installing unofficial apps from Cydia competes with their apps thereby potentially limiting their profits. Apple has also placed network blocks and usually only has one official network for their phones to keep the phones’ exclusivity and value high. So basically the restrictions they have placed are for business purposes only. Jailbreaking and unlocking your phone will not harm your phone. It’s legal, safe and it will expand your phone’s function.

How to unlock your phone?

Unlocking your phone is very easy once you have already jailbroken your phone. If you have already jailbroken your phone, then you can proceed to unlocking it. Unlocking it will depend on your phone’s baseband. So before you unlock your phone, check your baseband first. To do this, just go to your phone’s Settings and under the General tab, go to About. Browse for Modern Firmware and the number beside it is your phone’s baseband. For iPhone 4 4.2.1, UltraSn0w 1.2 will be able to unlock baseband 1.59.00. If your phone does not have this baseband, you will either have to update your phone or look for a different UltraSn0w version. If it is, then proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Launch Cydia and search for the unlocking app, UltraSn0w.

Step 2: Download UltraSn0w.

Step 3: Reboot your iPhone, but before you turn it one, insert your new SIM card because your phone has now been unlocked.

Remember that if you have not jailbroken your phone, you will not be able to unlock your phone. There are a lot of jailbreak programs that you can use. Most of the trustworthy have step by steps guides that you can follow easily. Be sure that the one you download is trustworthy and compatible with your phone’s firmware and baseband. Jailbreaking will also depend on the program you will use, but generally here’s what you will have to do:

Step 1: Download the jailbreak program of your choice to your computer.

Step 2: Connect your phone to your computer and turn it off.

Step 3: Run the jailbreak program, carefully following its instructions.

Step 4: Choose your phone’s IPSW file for its firmware.

Step 5: Select what you want to do with your phone among the firmware’s options such as installing Cydia or installing an iPad baseband for unlocking.

Step 6: Place your phone on DFU mode by pressing and releasing the Home and Power buttons. The program will tell you exactly how to do it.

Once you have successfully placed your phone on DFU mode, the program will finish unlocking your phone for you. It will reboot and then you will be able to use Cydia. Just follow the procedure above to unlock your phone.

Using the easiest jailbreak program

There is a program that will not just jailbreak your phone for you, it will unlock it too. You will be able to install in less than 10 minutes and it even comes with free lifetime updates. It also works on older iPhone models and firmwares. You can use it on as many iPhones you have and you only have to pay for it once.

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With the easiest program to use, unlocking and jailbreaking your phone is hassle-free. It won’t waste your time and you will not encounter any problems with it. You can even avail of a money back guarantee, so go ahead and try it.

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Unlock iPhone 4 4.3 and Experience These Advantages

The Apple iPhone OS uses two interactive partitions – the media and operating system partitions – and unlocking iPhone 4 4.3 will optimize both.  While the media partition keeps data such as motion pictures, MP3, apps, and contacts; the operating system partition, on the other hand, keeps the core files.

These are the major reasons why an iPhone 4 user should jailbreak his device:

The Use of Third Party Software: Every now and then, you will need to make use of third party apps and software which are commonly not accepted by Apply.  Jailbreaking your system will free it from any restrictions and so you will be able to download from any store that you want.

In order to unlock your phone: Before you can unlock your device and be able to use it on a different carrier, you will need to jailbreak it first.

To alter the look of your device: Occasionally, you would want to see changes on your phone and you can achieve this better when you’ll have your gadget jailbroken.

The following guideline should be followed if you want to jailbreak your iPhone 4 4.3:

Compatible basebands: 04.26.08/01.59.00/05.12.01/05.11.07/05.13.04/06.15.00

Download the tool that you’ll use to jailbreak your iPhone: In this article, the tool that is going to be used is the PwnageTool 4.3.3.

Open the downloaded tool: Open PwnageTool.dmg and the copy this on your desktop – Hit the OK button after this and then select the Expert Mode. This should be found on the left side of the window. Tap on iDevice and then hit the Next button.

Next, hit the Browse for ipsw button and then choose iOS 4.3.3 firmware. On your next screen, choose General and then hit Next. You will see Activate the phone, select it if you’re using an unofficial carrier. Don’t choose this option if you’re using AT&T or the official carrier.

Keep hitting on the Next button: Keep doing this up until the point where you reach the same screen wherein you chose General. Select Build and then hit Next.

Follow the promptings: PwnageTool should prompt you to choose a destination folder wherein you will save custom iOS 4.3.3. This tool will begin to build your Custom IPSW. You will be prompted to give your admin password.

Connect your iPhone to your computer: As soon as the custom IPSW is built, the tool will ask you to connect the device to your PC. As soon as the device is detected, put your iPhone to the DFU mode.

Press the Power and Home buttons: Do this for ten seconds and then release the Power button while continuously holding down the Home button for about ten seconds more. iTunes will show as a popup and in there, hold the Alt/Option key and then click on Restore.

Browse to the iOS 4.3.3 folder: From this step, choose the .ipsw file which you made and then click on Open Button. iTunes will be the one to restore the firmware on your device. This will take about ten minutes.

The jailbreaking process is done: After ten minutes, the jailbreaking process should already be finished.

Yet there is a much easier way to download and utilize a tool that will jailbreak your iPhone:

This is the easiest software to install and in just a few minutes, you will already enjoy the freedom of a jailbroken device. Imagine all the features that you will benefit from – thousands of videos, songs, apps, themes, wallpapers, and such. You can have all this even if you’re not a computer geek and that is the greatest reason why this is the safest tool to use.

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Jailbreaking is a process that need not be tedious. In fact, with the right tool, you should even enjoy the very act of jailbreaking your device. Just think about it – in merely ten minutes, you will finally have the iPhone that a lot of users would be talking about, non-stop! Visit: HOw To Unlock iPhone 4 4.3

How To Unlock iPhone 4 4.2 Succcessfully

The Unlock iPhone 4 4.2 software is an application that has gained a lot of popularity since it was released about 3 years ago. It is so popular that several companies have developed their own version of the software.

Many often wonder why anyone would want to do this when the application already works fine. This article will discuss the process of unlocking your iPhone and how you can unlock your own phone.

Apple develops some great applications and many of them are sold on the Apple online store. What many people don’t realize is that not applications there were actually created by Apple.  iPhone applications have been the hot thing over the last few years and it just keeps growing.

Though they allow people to create apps and sell them on the online store, not all get accepted. What’s more, they have also locked their OS to make sure that these applications can never be played on their device. This is where jailbreaking comes in.

What is jailbreaking?

This is a technique that is used to change the permissions on your iPhone OS such that it will have the proper permissions to have read/write access. What this basically translates to is that you will have more control and will unlock features that were not available before. These permissions are usually needed when installing any new game or application on the iPhone.  After an iPhone has been unlocked, then you can install any software and games that were previously not allowed on the Apple online store and you can choose your GSM carrier.

The process for unlocking your iPhone

There are two ways to unlock the phone: using only your iPhone or a combination of a PC and iPhone. The main advantage of using a PC and iPhone is that you can run this update on your phone and not have to worry about restoring your iTunes files or even losing data. The step outlined below will detail the steps using a PC and iPhone.

1. You will need a PC that has sufficient resources and a fast internet connection.

2. You will also need access to one iPhone with the latest 3.0 firmware.

3. Update the latest version of firmware 3.0 and ITunes.

4. Download a Jailbreaking Tool that will allow you to unlock the iPhone.

5. Run the application by double-clicking the file.

6. After running the application, try to locate the firmware that was downloaded by clicking Browse.

7. Click Next, after you have located the firmware.

8. You will then need to follow the next set of instructions on the screen.

9. You then have to ensure that the iPhone is connected to your computer. The iPhone must be shut off. Next must then be clicked.

10. It is then necessary to ensure DFU mode is enabled on your iPhone by following the next sub-steps:

  • For 2 seconds, press and hold the power button.
  • For 10 seconds, press the home button but do not release the power button.
  • For 30 seconds, keep pressing the home button but release the power button.

11. The first reboot should happen if everything was done properly.  This will kick off the jailbreak process.

12. You should receive a success message. Clicking the Finish button should then restart your computer a second time.

13. You should now have unlocked your iPhone.

An Unlock iPhone 4 4.2 Utility That Will Allow You To Access Any Application

Unlocking your phone may sound scary, but there is nothing to it if you follow all the instructions. There is a tool that will allow you to speed up the process and using a combination of the steps above. After it has been unlocked you will be able to play any games, use any apps and select your desired GSM carrier.

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Unlocking your iPhone has never been easier. This process simply changes the permissions on your iPhone so that you have complete control to decide what applications get installed on your phone. Just remember to get the Jailbreak utility and to follow the instructions above.

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How To Unlock iPhone 4.4.1 Easily

Are you trying to find out How To Unlock Iphone 4.4.1?  if you are, then you have come to right place.  I will show you different methods of unlocking Iphones and what I think is the best.  So, read on – you just might learn a thing or two.

How To Unlock Iphone 4.4.1 – Why You Should Know About It

Apple’s Iphone is one of the coolest gadgets that have recently come out.  This is a settled fact.  In fact, it might even be considered as one of the most sought after devices in the world today.

However, did you know that you can make this cool gadget even cooler?  How?  You can do this by simply unlocking it.  By successfully unlocking your phone, you will be able to use the services of better network providers – which could only mean more options for you, and a better phone as a whole.

Methods To Unlock Your Iphone – Which Should You Pick?

Manually Unlock Your Iphone

1.    Find a computer chip that you can use to override the restrictions set by the network provider that was bundled with your Iphone.  Get this chip or jumper from computer outlets for around $100 to $200.

2.    Using the proper set of tools, turn your Iphone off and open it up.  Carefully place the jumper inside your Iphone using the proper procedures.  Take note that any wrong move can cause some Iphone problems.  Hence, do this step carefully.

3.    After the chip placement, insert a SIM card of another service provider in the SIM holder of your Iphone.

4.    Reboot your Iphone by restarting it.  This will allow your device to recognize the newly inserted chip and SIM.

5.    Check if the unlocking was properly done by trying to make calls and texts using the new SIM that you inserted.  If you are able to do these, then congrats – the unlocking is successful.  If not, redo the steps mentioned above.

Automatically Unlock Your Iphone

1.    Update your Iphone IOS to the latest version.

2.    Jailbreak your Iphone using a reliable jailbreaking software.  Jailbreaking your Iphone first is necessary before any unlocking procedure can be done.  Hence, download the software and then use it to jailbreak your Iphone.

3.    After your Iphone is jailbroken, go and install Cydia into your Iphone.  After the program is installed, launch the program.  You can find it in springboard of your Iphone.

4.    Go to the Manage settings.  After doing so, go to Sources>Edit>Add.

5.    After the above steps are taken, a message box will appear requiring you to enter the URL of the source program of the unlocking program that you are intending to use.  Type the URL and then press Add Source.

6.    Cydia will then automatically search for the unlocking program using the URL that you entered.  Wait until the automatic search and the download finishes.

7.    As soon as the download ends, find the unlocking program in your Iphone. Install the program and then run it.

8.    Reboot your Iphone so your Iphone can configure the new settings that you made.

9.    Check if the unlocking was correctly made by inserting a SIM card other than the one which your Iphone came along with.

10.    If you can make calls and texts using the new SIM card, congrats.  Your Iphone is now unlocked.

How To Unlock Iphone 4.4.1 – Do It Through A Computer Software

From the numerous unlocking methods available today, the most efficient and effective among all is one which makes use of a computer software.  Why?  This is due to the fact that this method does not have any complications at all.  Hence, even if you’re not an expert – you will be able to unlock your Iphone like you are!

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With this program, you will be able to unlock your Iphone with no hassles at all.

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The Secrets Of Unlocking iPhone 4: What You Really Need To Know About

Are you worried that you might not be able to use your iPhone 4 to its optimum if you will not know about unlocking iphone 4? Well, that is true. That is why there are now more and more iPhone 4 users who are getting geared towards buying an effective unlocking solution that would unleash the potential of their iPhone 4.

So if you have already bought your own iPhone 4 and you decided that you would want it to have additional features and applications, then the very first thing you will need to  do is to  find the best unlocking  solutions that would help you once and for all unlock your factory-locked  iPhone 4. Why settle for high  AT&T telephone bills when you can use the internet  as often as you want and not need to pay that much? Unlocking 1Phone 4 is not that difficult if only you will know the right instructions and you know how to follow them properly at the same time. Here are some of the tips that might just be able to help you finally unlock your iPhone 4:

1.    Choose Between Buying An Unlocking Solution And That Of D-I-Y

Before you jump into the procedures of unlocking iphone 4, it would be best to first decide whether you would like to unlock your iPhone 4 yourself or perhaps you would rather buy an unlocking solution   from the Internet to save you from all the hassles and  effort of having to do it yourself. After you have decided, then you will already know what next steps you should take.

2. The Risks Of Damage For Your iPhone 4

Next, it would be helpful when making your decision to also consider about the possible risks that your iPhone 4 may incur if you will decide to do it yourself. You see, it also takes a lot of skills and expertise and not just effort to be able to successfully unlock an iPhone 4. So if you are doubtful about your skills in unlocking your iPhone, then you might as well just settle for the option of checking the Internet for some downloadable software that would block your iPhone 4 minus all the hassles and delays. If you try to unlock the phone without any skill or expertise, you run the risk of potentially damaging your iPhone system perpetually.

3. Consider High AT&T Bills Vs. $50 Unlocking Software

If you will think about it, you will find out that it is actually more cost-efficient to just buy the unlocking software that could help you in unlocking iPhone 4 than to keep paying for high telephone bills to AT&T. You cannot avoid not paying the telephone company because Apple Company has actually mandated it even before you purchased your iPhone 4 that all iPhone 4 users should be paying their telephone bills to AT&T for use of their Internet services. Instead of continuously burdening yourself with such financial obligations, one smart option would be that of learning how you could unlock your factory-locked iPhone 4.

4. Find The Unlocking Software That Is Compatible With All Network Providers

In addition, you will need to find the various iPhone unlocking solutions that can essentially work with all kinds of service providers. As soon as you have paid and you’ve become subscribed to their services, you may then be bale to download your preferred unlocking solution then right away install it on your iPhone 4. Al you will need to remember is that you have to take the instructions seriously so that you will not commit any mistakes in unlocking your iPhone 4. Otherwise, this might pose some serious threats to the performance of your phone. Some iPhone owners, who commit some blunders in unlocking their phones, suffer from permanent damage in their iPhone’s system.

5.  Select The Model And Platform Correctly

Last but not least, keep in mind that you will be asked for the model and platform of your iPhone 4 before you can finally download the unlocking solution you are purchasing; when that happens, you must need to supply the accurate answers. Or else, you might just be wasting your money in buying your iPhone 4 or even in availing of an unlocking solution for simply keying in the wrong information on platform and model type.

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If you think unlocking your iPhone is very easy, think again. A lot of iPhone owners have discovered the serious threats of unlocking your iPhone 4 without so much skill can do to your iPhone. Make it a point that when you at last make attempts to unlock your iPhone 4, you should first dig deeper for the best unlocking tools and soft wares you may use.

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